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Shark Jump accelerates your interactive software development.

Shark Jump's core team is an exacting, agile, software and game development tour-de-force!

Dedication to transparency, reliability, and integration of new technologies, allows us to create the exceptional software implementation that your idea deserves.

With our client-focused design philosophy, the Shark Jump creative team can fully realize your vision, in expressive, real-time 3D.

Our talented crew are well-versed in industry standard environments, toolsets, and middlewares. We have years of industry experience and can fit into your existing workflow, or design app and game software from scratch.

Contract Us for Games/Apps/3D

Get in touch via. email to see how we can help realize your idea.

If you wish to supply us with details about your project, we can provide you with a rough estimate immediately. (The more information the better!)


Shark Jump is based in Adelaide, Australia.

Our team is confident working both from our own premises, on-site at your offices, or remotely via. web technologies.

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Shark Jump is an independent studio made up of Matt Le Krupa, Tom Lee, and James Pearse, striking out into the world to do a job that they love.

Matt Le Krupa Matt Le Krupa (@mattlekrupa) is a Shark Jump co-founder, programming lead, and budding designer. He likes right angles, the Designer's Republic, ones and zeroes, and video games. He sometimes posts to his blog.

Tom Lee Tom Lee is a 3D generalist, animator and code writing pinch hitter, plugging any gaps that need plugging.

James Pearse James "Chief" Pearse is the team's 3D Modeller, UI Artist and genie. Anything we can picture in our heads he can make it a reality (well, a virtual reality).

Brad Wesson Brad Wesson is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. When he isn't ensconced in the shadows, he programs complex and immersive systems, and builds in depth virtual worlds with his technical artistry.